Sunrise. Sunset.

2. My House in Umbria (2003)

The following movie is one I’ve recently re-seen. I remember that when I first saw this film I didn’t get it that well, probably because I was little. But this time, I absolutely loved it.

Starring Maggie Smith, the film tells us the story of this eccentric British woman, Emily Delahunty, who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The train she is on is bombed by terrorists. Luckily she survives and so, the moment she wakes up, she invites three of the survivors of the attack at her gorgeous villa in Umbria, which is situated in the middle of Italy. (I should definitely go there someday.)

From now on things center around  one little girl, Aimee, who is one of the survivors. As newly orphan, she is taken care of by both Emily as well as the other two men who survived. Emily (Ms Smith) who has a troubled and full of drama past, gets really attached to this little girl and feels like she has a second chance to be the mom she had never been.

Although it has a lot of drama the movie’s idea is really lovely, especially for a dreamer kind (like me).  I loved the ending’s last lines :

"I may be dead next month. The moon may have crashed into the Earth. Who knows what dreadful things may come to pass? But, at the moment, I am happy. What else matters?"

1. Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

I don’t think I have a reason why I started my “movies to watch this or any other summer” list with this movie.  This won’t be a top list. So there are worse or better movies to come.
I personally loved this one, at first probably because of the actors that were starring in it.The storyline is nicely written and I always enjoy the idea of old people falling back in love. I could also mention some romantic scenes in the movie, like that time when they traded their sea-shelves collections (I “awwed” that one time, I remember) . Also the ending. It reminded me a lot of Casablanca: “We’ll always have Paris”.
Not to mention the place where the first part of the movie had been filmed (a Hamptons beach house). It matches perfectly with my list’s theme.
The soundtrack is also a reason why this film is so great.  The song "So Nice (Summer Samba)" by Astrud Gilberto is one song I’ve listened to for a while after seeing this movie. You should also listen to Jack Nicholson’s version of “La Vie en Rose” .
That being said I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5.